Cabo San Lucas

The first week of July, we went on the most incredible vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It was unlike any other vacation I’ve ever experienced! We stayed on a yacht called the C-Cra-C (pronounced Secrecy) near the Sea of Cortez. Our days consisted of laying out, drinking daiquiris, fishing, snorkeling, jet skiing, with sea lions and mantarays, explored the city and eating authentic Mexican cuisine made daily on the boat. Tough life right??

Once an obscure fishing village at the very tip of Baja California, Cabo has blossomed into one of the top vacation spots for its magnificent scenery. El Arco (pictured below), a must-see,  is a natural rock formation. We hopped on a glass-bottomed panga one afternoon to get a closer look at the famous spectacle. On one side, the Pacific Ocean in all its magnificence; on the other side sits the Sea of Cortez. Cabo has a unique appeal, especially when coupled with the warm hospitality of the Mexican people. 

One of our favorite spots was a restaurant and bar called The Office. Highly recommended if you ever find yourself in Cabo! We had some of the freshest seafood and most delicious drinks there. Pam and Laura, two of the boat’s crew members, spoiled us and treated us like family all week. We were SO sad to go our separate ways at the end of the trip! In fact, we are still trying to convince them to move to Nashville. 

All in all, Cabo offers something for everyone in a natural wonderland where the desert collides with the vast Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez. Feel free to reach out with any questions and thanks for reading! Xo

Photos by Cameron Premo


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