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April 24, 2020

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I’m so excited to share our nursery closet reveal with you! The original closet in the nursery was not ideal for tiny clothes and had no extra storage, so I called in the professionals at The Container Store. Since this is our first baby we had no idea where to start and their team was so helpful! We went with the Elfa closet system and they’re currently offering 30% off all Elfa products. Now I want to redo every closet in the house because it’s so customizable and can easily be tailored to your needs!

nursery closet before

The custom design process was a breeze. I sent in some photos and measurements of the space and their designers did their thing! After the initial design, I requested one change based on our preferences. (Little man needed some extra hanging space because he already has quite the clothing collection!) It was a super simple process and they are definitely experts when it comes to making the most of a space.

Cameron was able to install the whole Elfa system in one afternoon. We were both impressed with how modular and simple the installation process was. I didn’t even realize how much wasted space we had at the top of the closet before. On the right side of the closet we added two rows of shelves (perfect for baskets, boxes and extra storage), 3 short hangs and 4 drawers. On the back wall we wanted to have space to store clothes and display items so we added 7 shelves. If we ever need more hanging space, we can simply swap out the shelves for a rod. I love that the closet can be changed to adapt his needs as he grows.

I truly couldn’t be happier with how his closet turned out and highly recommend The Container Store’s custom closet designs! Below are some of my favorite features of the closet and my tips for nursery organization so far. (I’m sure I’ll have more once he’s here and we’re using the space daily!)

SWADDLE BASKET – I love having all of the swaddle patterns visible by rolling them vs. a traditional fold. I have them in one of the Animal Baskets, although a lined basket would probably be ideal to prevent snagging. I haven’t noticed any snagging yet, but might eventually add a lining to the animal basket.

EXPAND-A-SHELF FOR BABY SHOE HACK – This might be my best hack yet! When you put nesting and quarantine together… weird ideas come to mind. I knew I wanted to display his shoes in a cute way so I took our spice rack out of our pantry to test out my idea. I think Cameron thought I was nuts, but as soon as he saw all of his little shoes laid out he was convinced! I used this expand-a-shelf  that’s intended for spices and cans, but it works so well for tiny baby shoes.

BABY WRAP ACCORDION RACK – I wanted our baby wraps and slings to be displayed yet out of the way. I hung an accordion rack on the back of the door and it perfectly fits up to 10 wraps/slings. The Container Store has a similar style.

SHELVES ON SHELVES – When I first saw the closet design, I thought “wow that’s a lot of shelves!” However once I started filling them up, I quickly realized that we would definitely use all of the space. We spaced them evenly to start but soon realized that it made more sense to change the spacing based on the height of some of the storage pieces. Again, I love how modular the Elfa system is. You can always adjust later as you go along.

DRAWER ORGANIZERS – These are key for an organized diaper drawer! Rather than having your diaper cream and a million other baby products floating around in your dresser/changing table… get a few of these drawer organizers to separate the products and keep your diapers neat and stacked. They have lots of sizes and colors but I really like this linen style.

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