August 22, 2023

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Hi! My name is Abie White and I’m the owner of Abie White Organizing. When Hunter asked me to help organize and design a system that worked for their nursery I was thrilled! An organized system can bring peace and calmness to any space but especially a nursery and knowing I get to help bring that into such a beautiful space brings me so much joy! Different spaces in the home call for different products but when it comes to a nursery here are my top 3 favorite organization tips and products.


ACCESSORIES BASKET – Everyone loves a good accessory especially when it comes to dressing your little one! That’s why I love an accessories basket. This way you have a designated place for the bibs, hats, pacis, sunglasses, etc making it easy to see your options, pick the perfect accessory and run out the door. Be sure to label each basket to make it easier to find what you are looking for plus it can double as a design element for the space. Find my favorite label clips here.
Tip: Sort out each accessory based on size. Keep what will fit now and 1 size bigger in the baskets. This will prevent the baskets from overflowing and you will use more than the same bib over and over because you’re able to see all of your choices. The bigger sizes find a bottom drawer or basket on the top shelf of the closet to store them until it’s time to rotate sizes. 

DRAWER DIVIDERS– These are key for an organized onesie drawer! Rather than having all of your little ones close shoved into a drawer that barely closes not knowing what size and or if that onesie has matching pants use these drawer dividers to sort each item making it easy to find that perfect outfit. Tips: Sort each item based on style, size and color. Fold each item so that they fit together with the fold at the top making the most use of the space and it’s easier to see the print and color of each item. To really add that extra layer or organization use a label maker to label each row of clothes by size and/or style. 

ADHESIVE BINS – This nursery didn’t come with a closet so I wanted to make the most use of every square inch of their armoire. After sorting through all that needed to go inside I decided to use these adhesive bins to really elevate the storage and make the most of this space. I love these bins because they are adhesive and can peel and stick to go just about anywhere! They also come in three different sizes making them easy to use just about anywhere!
Tip: Gather everything you want to go into the space or piece of furniture and see if there are smaller items or small groups of items that might not fill a basket but need to be stored together. This is where these bins will come in to save the day! Another option would be if you want your child to have access to items to dress themselves or for independent play you could place this within reach for them encouraging independence all while being organized and tidy.

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