April 5, 2022

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Hi, friends! After floods of DM’s asking about the product we use in Remy’s hair and what to ask your Barber for, I decided to write a blog post about all my toddler boy hair styling tips and tricks!

First, you have to find a great Barber. If you’re local to Nashville, check out Barbour 3 located in Brentwood. Both Remy and Cameron go here, all these guys really know what they are doing and it is owned by my mom! Who doesn’t love supporting small businesses? However, if you’re not in Nashville, I will attach some photos below for you to show your Barber.

Why is my boy’s hair so hard to style?

Every toddler’s hair is so different. Their baby hairs are growing out, you’re trying to figure out how the hair lays, where their crown is, how to work around a cowlick, etc. I have tried so many different hair styling products and tips and lately only one seems to do the job. The secret to Remy’s hairstyle now is using Cameron’s hair paste. We used this paste (use code HUNTER25 for 25% off) made for babies for a while but as Remy has grown and become more active, his hair just wasn’t staying in place all day long…we needed something stronger.

What haircut do I ask for?”

We ask Johnny for a #2 fade around the sides that blends into the top at the corners of his head. We leave about 2 inches on the top and ask him to point cut and texturize so it has that messy look when styled. The great thing about this hairstyle is you can either comb it to the side with the paste for a polished look, push it to the side with your hand and make it messy or stick it straight up like dad. Below are examples of the different ways we style it. That’s it for my toddler boy’s hair styling tips, as Remy continues to grow be on the lookout for more styling tips and tricks in the future!

Remy’s Toddler Hairstyle

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