June 15, 2023

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Potty training your toddler can feel super intimidating. It is a huge step for them. With the right strategies and mindset, it can be a rewarding experience. We are currently potty training our toddler, Remy. Surprisingly it has been smooth sailing. And most importantly, he is really excited about it!

Some things we did to prepare:

  • I recommend a potty seat that attaches to the regular toilet. We started Remy out with a mini toilet. Although the mini toilet is cute I don’t recommend them. We quickly realized we had to take it everywhere.  

  • The book, Potty Training in 3 Days by Brandi Brucks – We incorporate some of her tips and our own methods. I love her method of taking your toddler to the bathroom even if they had an accident and finished already. She shares that it’s essential for your toddler to associate going potty with the bathroom.

  • Show your toddler there aren’t any more diapers in the house- Remy and I gave his diapers to the neighbors. It was overall a positive experience for him. I think this helped him realize the diapers aren’t coming back. 

  • Figure out what motivates your toddler- Some kids like candy, treats, stickers, or toys. Remy loves the potty-training Dino stickers. We place them at the bottom of the toilet and they reveal when you pee on them. There are other options available if your kid isn’t into dinosaurs. And they’re great for girls and boys.

  • Underwear over pull-ups/training pants- Firstly, we make sure that we don’t call the pull-ups “diapers”. It can be confusing for kids. At night we put Remy’s underwear over his pull-ups. We noticed that doing this gives him more confidence.

  • Our biggest potty training tip is to find a fun experience when you need your toddler to use the bathroom before you leave the house- Remy can’t get enough of superheroes so Cam pretends he has a superpower to see pee or poop! Hhahah. To activate the superpower Cam puts his hand over one eye to mimic a looking glass. Then, he looks at Remy’s belly and says if he sees anything. We use this trick especially when we know it’s time for him to use the bathroom. Cam tells Remy that my parents and I have the superpower so we can all use the trick. Remy thinks it’s so cool and it works like a charm!

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