March 11, 2021

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I’m 8 months postpartum and wanted to share a few things that have helped me along the way. When you come home from the hospital, the last thing on your mind is taking care of yourself. However it is crucial to prepare and carve out some time for self-care in order for you to be the best mom you can be. Below are some products and tidbits of advice I wish someone had shared with me! 

  • Meal Prep – Whether you prep freezer meals before labor, your friends sign up for a meal train, or you use service… food preparation is key! I thought pregnancy hunger was crazy but nursing hunger and thirst is next level. If you are local to Nashville, Eat Well Nashville is a great service and I have also heard wonderful things about Pour la Mere which is made specifically for new moms.
  • SNACKS ON SNACKS – Yep, this is a separate category from meal prep because I feel very strongly about postpartum snacks. I don’t think one night went by in the first 4 months without me grabbing a midnight snack. I needed protein around the clock and discovered Mama Bars. Use code PREMO for 15% off. I also love keeping snacks that are easy to grab like Oat Balls and healthy muffins in the fridge. 
  • Postnatal Vitamins – I was great about taking my PREnatals, but totally dropped the ball in the first few months on continuing to take my vitamins. At around 4 months I started to feel really depleted and was lacking some key nutrients. I asked for suggestions on Instagram and TONS of people recommended Ritual. I am so thankful I discovered their Postnatals because they are made specifically for the 6 months postpartum and through lactation. I still take them daily and Cameron takes the men’s multivitamin now. Use HUNTERP for 10% off 
  • Zenagen for Hair Regrowth – Postpartum hairless affects everyone in different ways and some women don’t experience it at all. I experienced it pretty suddenly around 4 months and it lasted for about 2 months. I know first hand how upsetting it can be. It doesn’t seem like it at the time, but remember that it is a NATURAL process that many women go through. If you feel like it is excessive or not slowing down, you can always reach out to your doctor or a specialist to have your vitamin levels checked. I made sure to take my postnatal daily and started using Zenagen Revolve Treatment. I noticed a huge difference in the baby hairs around my face and had amazing regrowth results in just a few weeks. As always, talk to your health care provider if you have questions about nursing. Use code HUNTER20 for 20% off. 
  • Alone Time – I know this seems impossible with a tiny human who depends on you, but try to carve out at least 15 minutes a day for yourself. Whether you go on a walk, meditate in silence, do a Fit52 workout or watch an episode of your favorite show, having a moment to yourself is so important. 
  • Pregnancy Pillow – I still use my pregnancy pillow every night! It makes night time feeding sessions more comfortable and was great for those early days as well. 
  • Hands Free Breast Pump – I have said it a million times, but Elvie is a game changer when it comes to pumping! Use code PREMO 
  • Step Up Your Skincare – This one may sound odd, but I don’t think I was prepared for how much pregnancy would change my skin! Suddenly none of my “go-to” products worked and my skin didn’t feel like my own. Your body is already going through a million changes from your boobs to your hair and the last thing you want to think about are the new blemishes on your face. I’m thankful I found a Sanitas Skincare routine that really restored and nourished my skin and gave me more confidence. Their products are nontoxic and feel luxurious on your skin. Use code PREMO for 20% off.
  • Find a Support System – This is going to look different for everyone, but having a support system outside of your partner is crucial. This may look like a mom friend you know you can share your feelings with, someone you can call to watch your baby for a few minutes, a therapist or even a mom Facebook group in your area. The Peanut is also a great way to connect with women in your area or going through similar phases. Reach out when you need help and be honest to those around you about your feelings. 
  • Remember… YOU GOT THIS, MAMA! – Always remember you are the perfect mom for YOUR baby. After all, you know your baby and yourself better than anyone. Don’t compare yourself and trust your gut instincts. Enjoy every phase and soak in all of the baby snuggles. The rest can wait. 


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