Why You Should Switch to Natural Deodorant


August 17, 2018

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If you’re thinking about trying clean beauty products, deodorant is a great place to start. Lack of knowledge and a fear of sweaty armpits—a subject no one wants to talk about—may make you shy away from switching. After doing a lot of research, I made the switch a few months ago and I’m so glad I did. Traditional deodorants and antiperspirants are typically full of harsh chemicals that your body directly absorbs.  Natural deodorant is especially crucial for women because we typically put it on right after we shave in the shower. Your skin is already sensitive and your pores absorb all of these ingredients directly into the surface of your skin where there are many lymph nodes.

The realization of how much aluminum my normal deodorant contained was one reason I made the switch. I kept reading all these articles about the harmful effects of aluminum. Have you ever put deodorant on after a spray tan and it turned green? It happened to me all the time and I just thought it was normal, but it’s actually the aluminum in the deodorant reacting with your spray tan. Aluminum has been linked to many negative health issues as well as Breast Cancer and Alzhemiers in women.

After trying out many brands, I personally found Native to work best for my body. My favorite scents are Coconut & Vanilla and the men’s Eucalyptus & Mint. They heard I was a fan of their products and offered a 10% discount code for you guys. Just type in “hunterpremo” at checkout.

Here’s a list of reasons why natural deodorant is better for your health: 

You are supposed to sweat. One thing that’s weird about switching to natural deodorant is that they contain no antiperspirant so you still sweat. Sweating gets a bad wrap, but it’s the body’s natural way of regulating temperature and releasing toxins. If you’re not sweating, those toxins are not being release from your body. While doing all of this deodorant research, I was surprised to find out that sweat isn’t actually what makes us smell bad. The body odor comes when the sweat comes in contact with the bacteria on our skin.

Diseases have been linked to conventional deodorant. Some of the ingredients in toxic deodorants have estrogen-like effects and have been linked to infertility issues. As I mentioned above,  Alzheimer’s and Breast Cancer have also been linked to aluminum.

Conventional deodorants can make you smell worse over time. Yep, you read that right. Your trusty Secret might actually be making you smell worse and sweat more. The buildup of sweat beneath the skin also comes with a buildup of the good bacteria that actually digests sweat, limiting the ability your body has to digest any bad bacteria, making your sweat smell even worse.

Okay, hopefully now I’ve convinced you to make the switch, but don’t skip this next part!

  1. INVEST IN A GOOD PRODUCT. Yes, natural deodorants are much pricier than conventional brands. You just have to remember that you’re truly paying for quality. Invest in a brand with great reviews and natural, nontoxic ingredients.

  2. DETOX. It will take your body a little while to adjust. We’ll call this the armpit detox phase. It took my body about a week to adjust and I didn’t smell great for the first few days, but I just reapplied throughout the day. I would also recommend doing a clay mask before you make the switch – you can find the tutorial I used here.

  3. FIGURE OUT WHAT WORKS FOR YOU. Remember that everyone’s body and chemical makeup is different. Just because one brand works for your friend does not mean that same brand will work for you. Test a few brands out and give them at least 2-3 weeks.

  4. STAY HYDRATED. This is crucial! Staying hydrated helps your body rid of everyday toxins and will speed up your detox process.

  5. BE CONSCIOUS OF YOUR DIET. You really are what you eat. The same way your diet affects your health, it also affects your smell. Always strive to fuel your body with clean and nutritious foods. On the same note… you should also be conscious of the products you’re using on the outside of your body. I notice a huge difference in how efficiently my deodorant works based on the beauty products I’m using such as spray tans and lotions.

  6. GIVE IT TIME. Have patience and try the brands for a couple of weeks, as it takes your body time to adjust. Know that it might take a few different tries and some time before finding the right natural deodorant for you.

I complied a list of the most frequently asked questions you guys asked on my Instagram stories. Be sure to leave any additional questions in the comments below and I will get back to you ASAP!

Q: I get itchy red bumps whenever I use natural deodorant. What could cause this? 

A: Many of you said you’ve experienced irritation from the baking soda. There are many brands out there that don’t contain baking soda and Agent Nateur was the most highly recommended. If baking soda isn’t the problem, these bumps can also be caused by shaving and then applying the deodorant. I’d recommend shaving at night and applying first thing in the morning to avoid irritation and bumps.

Q: I used natural deodorant for a while and then it stopped working. Any tips on this?

A: The same thing happened to me! I don’t know exactly what caused it, but I have learned that you can’t reapply natural deodorant like normal deodorant. You have to start over fresh each time instead of applying it on top of what’s already there.

Q: What are your favorite natural deodorant brands? 

A: I personally love Native and Ambre Blends (Ambre might sound familiar because you guys have heard me talk about their perfume fragrances before). I have also heard great things about Schmidt’s and Primally Pure but have not tried them for myself.

Q: How long did it take your body to adjust?

A: It took my body about a week and a half to adjust, but remember everyone is different! Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work right away.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading! If you decide to make the switch, be sure to let me know and keep me updated on which brand works best for you. What beauty topic would you like me to cover next?

xx Hunter

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  1. Chelsey says:

    How many times and how often did you do the detox mask in your underarms? Did you only have to do it when you were making the switch, or do you also do it for maintenance?