May 2, 2019

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If you’ve been following along/reading my blog for a while, you might remember that I went on a trip with MacKenzie Childs last year. I was truly so honored and thankful to be invited back and to relive the magic of the trip! I’m not kidding when I say it’s one of my favorite experiences I’ve had as an influencer. There is something so charming and special about the town of Aurora that really speaks to my heart.

It was even more special that I got to share it all with Mimi this time around. It was a Mother’s day trip but my mom was traveling, so I asked Mimi to go with me! It was only fitting that she got to come because after all she is the one who initially introduced me to the brand years ago. We don’t often get to spend time with just the two of us so this made it all even more meaningful.

Their headquarters sits on a tranquil Victorian farm overlooking Cayuga Lake. Their products are meant to add joy and grace to homes. When I think of MacKenzie-Childs, I think of whimsical and colorful handmade products. I also love the vintage touches. My favorite collection is Flower Market… I am so inspired by the rich yet delicate colors and seeing the pieces in my home truly does bring me joy. I always keep my Flower Market Tea Kettle on my stovetop and everyone who comes over asks about it because it’s so unique and eye-catching. My home decor style is bohemian-inspired with vintage touches. Because many of their products are so bold, I’m always amazed by how seamlessly the items can be incorporated into any style.

We stayed at the serene Rowland House at The Inns of Aurora. I can’t say enough how wonderful our stay was! From the delicious meals, the attentive staff and beautiful yet comfortable rooms… no detail was missed at the Rowland House. The house has ten beautiful guest rooms, each with vibrant color schemes, original modern art, stunning views, and luxurious linens. Our itinerary was packed full of fun activities and I left feeling refreshed.

We also enjoyed spending time with the amazing group of girls on the trip. I have followed many of them on Instagram for years and they were just as kind and awesome as I thought they would be. They are hardworking and supportive entrepreneurs and they each inspire me in their own unique way. To be totally candid, I was going through a tough time while on the trip. It was just a few days after my D&C surgery and they went out of their way to make sure I was feeling okay and were a huge emotional support for me during a difficult time. Be sure to follow them all here:

LVPR // Ali Stone // Sabrina Tan // Olivia Rink // Courtney Shields // Whitney Rife // Jessica Crum

Overall, I’m just so thankful to have experienced this trip with Mimi and for the opportunity to partner with purposeful brands like MacKenzie-Childs. Below I’m sharing Mimi’s recap of the trip as well as our top picks for Mother’s Day gifts!


“Hello it’s Mimi here!  I’m Hunter’s grandmother, mother of Hunter’s mom Melissa. 🙂 Sometimes Mimi gets the great opportunity to be invited to attend events with my Hunter. I could have never imagined the experience we would have as the guest at MccKenzie-Child’s.

It all started with the wonderful welcome when we arrived in Rochester. We were whisked away by the sweetest LVPR girls to our home away from home the outstanding Rowland House at the Inns of Aurora. It’s a majestic victorian mansion sitting on the edge of a beautiful lake in Aurora, NY.  Meeting all the Mothers and their influencer daughters was a delight for me.

The meals and conversations we shared were outstanding. Members of the MacKenzie-Child’s team (Larry, Rebecca and others} graced our table during our dinners. It was so educational and inspiring to hear from them. We shared many conversations and it was great to see that they were open to the ideas of the influencers… I was so impressed with the ideas that the ladies came up with because they are always thinking of new ways that help their followers.

Touring the MacKenzie-Childs production for facility was a highlight of the trip for me. When we began the tour my thought was “these products are so expensive” and by the end I thought “how can they sell these masterpieces for so cheap?” Ha! The time, thought and labor of just one piece was unbelievable. Being able to touch the product and meet the artisans that make these pieces was a great opportunity. If your ever in that part of the country, please go and tour. To top it all off we got to sit in a real artist’s chair and paint our own cake stand.

The mothers and the Mimi had a live broadcast one morning. We got to choose from the array of beautiful items in their store to set our favorite table setting for Mother’s Day. I have to say that was my first Facebook Live! 🙂 There was never a dull moment throughout the whole trip. Hunter and I have always loved to craft so this was heaven for us! Our group had a flower arranging class and we received a beautiful vessel that we choose from MacKenzie-Childs. I never though to use a teapot as a vase but it was adorable! We also had dinner where the original factory started, a class all about candles, a class on making mixed drinks (might have drank all of them), made a hand painted silk scarf and even had a Pajama Party. The last night in our beautiful home and the last night with my new friends I got to experience MacKenzie-Childs with was so special. Now I’m trying to plot how Hunter and I could hook up my storage trailer and head back to Aurora,NY for the MacKenzie-Child’s Barn Sale!

Thanks to MacKenzie-Childs for treating us to such a wonderful trip. It was an experience I will never forget! Below we are sharing some of our favorite items we saw while on our trip that would make the perfect Mother’s Day gifts. Thanks for reading!”

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