These are the hands-free wearable breast pumps that I can’t recommend enough! I know some of you guys didn’t want to put this in your registry and wanted to make sure that nursing went well and I totally understand since they are an investment, so I’m excited they did an ongoing code and it’s not just for a limited time.

You can use the code: PREMO15 for 15% off!

FAQ’s About Elvie

Q: Do I need one or two?

A: For me, I like having two because I pump both sides at the same time. It’s also just nice to have a backup!

Q: How long do the batteries last?

A: I get about 3 sessions per charge on each side.

Q: How discrete are they?

A: It really depends on how big your chest is naturally! You can turn the light off and they’re very quiet, so they’re easy to use while you’re getting things done.

Q: What kind of bra do you wear when pumping?

A: Bralettes are easiest for me! I personally never wear a nursing bra because you never have to unclip it, you just need a little stretch!

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