Treehouse in Tuscany

As if Cam’s proposal wasn’t incredible enough… We spent the first day of our engagement in a treehouse in the Tuscan hills. Our whole trip was amazing, but our time at the treehouse was nothing short of MAGICAL. It was the perfect way for the two of us to escape from the busy city and celebrate.

We rented the cutest Fiat convertible for the 30 minute drive from Florence. We arrived and were blown away by the grounds of Casa Barthel! The view of Florence from the property was truly breathtaking. They also have a complimentary pool and tennis court. The people were so friendly and even tried convincing us to elope there. Ha! 

We spent hours wandering around the gardens and terraces of the property until it was time for dinner. The owner’s sister suggested a place down Via Volteranna. There wasn’t another tourist in sight and we definitely stood out, but we didn’t mind. We had some of the best and most authentic Italian food of the whole trip at that restaurant!

We spent the rest of the evening drinking WAY too much wine and having life talks until about 3 a.m. There was no Wifi in the treehouse and I’m so glad. It forced us both to unplug, relax, and soak up every moment together. Check out the treehouse here!  

Photos by Cameron Premo



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