Like our website?  Yeah, we do, too! Here's the secret...

WE DID IT OURSELVES... with a template... AND YOU CAN, TOo.

We stumbled on this company called Tonic Site Shop when Cameron was trying to figure out what the heck to do for our new website. Honestly, we were kind of blown away. Website templates that look like THIS, that we could edit, customize, and launch ourselves for like a tiny percentage of the cost of a custom site? It seemed a little too good to be true, honestly. 

Before, we've always had to rely on some generally unavailable tech person anytime we wanted to make a change to our site or add something. (And that got expensive quick!) Now, we can handle all of that ourselves and we LOVE how my site looks. 

TONIC's templates are gorgeous, totally customizable, and super easy to use. We get so many compliments on my website that now we're moving all of our brands to their designs!


Seriously, because of how cool Showit, (the platform TONIC uses for all their template designs) is, Cameron can do everything on our site himself, which means we're never held back from what we'want to do... no coding (or crying into a glass of wine) required.

The TONIC templates? Do not feel like templates. Seriously, they feel like $20,000 custom websites that just happen to be ready and waiting for you and your next move... right now. For a tiny fraction of the cost!

I've gotten endless compliments on my site (even from big website agencies!) because it just doesn't look like anything else online. Pretty is powerful, for sure, but Jen & Jeff built their templates with a ton of marketing and user experience strategy, too!

Our Fave


You can shop the whole collection HERE, but in case you want a little curated collection, here are my faves!