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Maui is an absolute DREAM. It is the perfect trifecta of natural beauty, relaxing beaches and outdoor adventure. The vibrant views of the island's natural beauty will forever linger in my memory. As far as tropical destinations go, it definitely ranks at the top of my list. Cameron and I have been on many trips together over the last nine years, but spending our honeymoon in Maui was by far one of the most memorable. 

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Cabo San Lucas

The first week of July, we went on the most incredible vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It was unlike any other vacation I've ever experienced! We stayed on a yacht called the C-Cra-C (pronounced Secrecy) near the Sea of Cortez. Our days consisted of laying out, drinking daiquiris, fishing, snorkeling, jet skiing, with sea lion and mantarays, exploring the city and eating authentic Mexican cuisine made daily on the boat. Tough life right??

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