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Our fist Thanksgiving as husband and wife was quite the success. We spent the morning baking apple pie, hanging out at Cam's parent's house and learning to perfect dressing (*stuffing* to those of you who aren't form the south) with my sweet mother-in-law Kim. We, of course, brought Cooper and Puddles over and they had a blast playing with all the other dogs. Then both of our families came together to eat dinner and celebrate.

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Crochet Top | 3 Ways to Style For Fall

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. We've seen the first glimpse of fall this past week in Nashville and it has me so inspired to pull together some fun new looks for the season. I fell in love with this bell sleeve crochet top and wanted to share a few of my favorite ways to style it for fall. This top is so versatile and adds a perfect pop of texture to any look. 

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